Systeme et procede de thrombectomie par aspiration rapide

Rapid aspiration thrombectomy system and method


An intravascular access system for facilitation of intraluminal medical procedures within the neurovasculature through an access sheath. The system includes an aspiration or support catheter (1320) having a flexible, distal luminal portion (1322) having an inner diameter defining a lumen (1323) extending between a proximal opening at a proximal end of the luminal portion and a distal opening at a distal end of the luminal portion. The catheter has a rigid spine (1330) coupled to at least the proximal end of the luminal portion and extending proximally therefrom. The system includes a dilator (1340) having a flexible, distal dilator portion (1360) sized to be received within the lumen (1323) of the luminal portion (1322). Associated systems, devices, and methods of use are also described.




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