Procede de traitement d'informations, terminal et support d'informations pour ordinateur

Information processing method, terminal, and computer storage medium


An information processing method, a terminal (101, 70) and a computer storage medium. By executing a software application on a processor (71) of a terminal and performing rendering on a display (72) of the terminal, a graphical user interface is obtained; and the processor (71), the graphical user interface and the software application are implemented in a game system. The method comprises: rendering at least one virtual resource object (201, 301, 401) on the graphical user interface; at least one character device object deployed in at least one character selection region (802, 91) of the graphical user interface comprising at least one window position (202, 302, 402); and when a view acquisition gesture regarding at least one character operation object (b11, 911) in the character device object is detected, rendering a view image captured by a virtual camera associated with the at least one character operation object (b11, 911) rendered on the graphical user interface.




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