Pseudomonas fluorescens pour l'inhibition de la croissance de racines et la germination du paturin annuel et du paturin commun

Pseudomonas fluorescens inhibit annual bluegrass and rough bluegrass root growth and germination


A biocontrol agent containing one or more novel and isolated Pseudomonas fluorescens strains (P. fluorescens biovar B strain XJ3 (NRRL B-50851), P. fluorescens biovar B strain XS18 (NRRL B-50852), and P. fluorescens biovar A strain LRS12 (NRRL B-50853)) and a biocontrol agent containing one, two or three of these bacteria with an agriculturally acceptable carrier are useful for the control of annual bluegrass and rough bluegrass root growth and germination. The biocontrol agents of this invention may be applied to the soil and/or seeds in the fall with inhibition occurring in subsequent years. The biocontrol agent can also be used in combination with herbicides that can inhibit the growth and seed production of any standing annual bluegrass and/or fertilizer to stimulate growth of the desirable plant that will compete with the annual bluegrass weed and/or rough bluegrass. Methods for use of these biocontrol agents to control to growth of annual bluegrass and rough bluegrass are also provided.




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