Ball, club and gate game

Balle, baton et jeu de porte


Poke Or Putt is a game played on a conventional golf green that brings together patrons of all ages and physical abilities. The game includes typical golf putters, golf balls, green, and cup-holes and a set of Poke or Putt regulation gates with rule book. During set up Poke or Putt gates are placed within the confines of the green and starting makers are placed within 1 meter of the green boundary. To play the game players take turns putting their balls through the gates numbered 1-18 in numerical order. During game play strategy is a key component as players have to option to hit opponent balls or shoot for a more strategic position. Poke Or Putt is a solution to the declining activity in the golfing industry and will encourage patrons of all ages and abilities to attend golf courses regularly.




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