Stamping press bolster adaptor for suiting different die binder pin patterns

Adaptateur pour support de matrice de presse d'estampage concu pour s'adapter a differents motifs de goupilles de bloqueur de matrice


A press bolster adaptor for accommodating different die binders with the same press bolster and fixed pin pattern is provided. The bolster adaptor comprises a base plate, a top plate, and a float plate surrounded by side walls of the base plate. A plurality of lower cushion pins are disposed on the press bolster and move the float plate toward the die binder. A plurality of upper cushion pins are disposed on the float plate and extend through pin holes of the top plate for engaging the die binder in the appropriate locations when the float plate is driven by the lower cushion pins. The upper cushion pins can be rearranged in the pin holes to accommodate new die binders having different designs. Alternatively, the top plate can be replaced with a top plate having a different pin pattern to accommodate a different die binder.




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